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I'm technically not a connector but I help IDEA run as head of communications. Ask me stuff!

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Engagement Fellow in the iSchool who goes wild for emerging technologies! Let's Talk!


I'm passionate about creative storytelling and ideas so crazy they just might work.


I'm the cofounder of Platypus TV and write for IDEA! Let's chat!

Team work makes the dream work.

There are tons of talented people out there. It's time to get connected!

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Dry Ice Synthesis for Developing Nations

Providing a sustainable and practical method to synthesize dry ice with limited access to resources in developing nations for the purpose of transporting biological samples and medical products.

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Organic Superstore which also grows food onsite and is connected with local farmers and business.

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My company, Removables, is developing a shoe that can transform from heels to flats in seconds, making it easier for women to get around without carrying an extra pair of shoes, while still looking fashionable.

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We get it. Money matters. We make it easy by holding competitions all year 'round!

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