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I'm passionate about creative storytelling and ideas so crazy they just might work.


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Lil'MorStix is a cosmetic tube that allows users to extract the approximately 30% of cosmetics that gets stuck in the bottom of their used tubes for further use in the Lil'MorStix until it is all gone.

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MoGO is a kiosk system that will help consumers obtain movies quickly. It does this by keeping a set of up-to-date movies stored locally. These movies are then transferred to customer devices via cable for the fastest and most consistent data transfer possible. Our solution is targeted towards tablet/mobile device users who watch movies and are traveling through airports.

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We are a delivery platform for restaurants that enables them to transport food via UAVs [or drones]. Our flight control system (FCS) plug-in software integrates UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles, into existing restaurant point of sale software. We also provide the UAVs, battery packs and customer service support required as a complete and neat package.

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